Every day our animal shelter has dozens of dogs and cats waiting for new homes.

These pets were relinquished to our shelter by owners who were unable or unwilling to continue caring for their pet. We also transfer dogs and cats from county shelters after the legally required holding period. By Santa Barbara County ordinance, we are not able to accept lost or stray pets from the public for adoption.

Our goal is to find a good match for both the pet and the adopter. In order to help you find the most appropriate pet for your household, we ask you to complete a short survey about your home and lifestyle. We also request that as many members of your family meet the pet as possible.

It's important that your new pet is compatible with all the people and pets in your house and we do our best to determine the adoptable pet's ability to adjust to your lifestyle. We evaluate each adoption on a case-by-case basis and may ask you to visit us several times to meet with the dog or cat prior to completing the adoption. If you rent, please be prepared to bring a letter from your landlord to complete our adoption process. 

Adoption Prices

Kitten <6 Months $100
Adult Cat >6 Months $75
Senior Person* adopting Senior Cat $50
Puppies <1 Year $150
Adult Dogs >1 Year $100
Senior Person* adopting Senior Dog $75

Every last Saturday of the month, senior pets are 50% off!

*A Senior Person is a person over 65 years of age.



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