We understand that giving up a pet is one of the most difficult decisions and our trained staff is here to help.  Whenever possible we encourage pet owners to explore all options before surrendering a pet.  Shelters can be stressful environments for animals accustomed to living in a home.  Our staff is always available to counsel owners on ways to keep their pets in the home or, if possible, rehome them themselves.  Please give yourself a few weeks to place the animal in a good home, and never give away your pet to someone without thoroughly screening the person and asking for references. Please, do not give your pet away. 

We understand that finding a new home for your pet is not always possible. If you cannot find a home for your pet, please fill out the appropriate Relinquishment Questionnaire and email it to us at info@syvhumane.org with some photos of your pet. The following questionnaire will help us assess our ability to place your dog. Shelter staff will need as much information as possible about your pet to determine if we can accept your pet into our adoption program. We are not an open admission facility and once we receive your questionnaire, we will let you know if we are able to set up a medical and behavioral evaluation. Expect to pay a minimum relinquishment fee of $50 per pet which will go towards helping feed, vaccinate, spay/neuter and all other care the animal needs before finding their forever home. 

Fillable PDF- Dog Relinquishment Questionnaire