If you are unable to keep your pet due to housing issues check out WeTakePets.com for pet friendly housing.

  • Vet Offices. You will find more good pet owners here than anywhere else! Talk to the staff. They often know of clients who are looking for an additional family member. Leave a color photo and description of the animal and your phone number on their bulletin board or at their desk.
  • Bulletin Boards. Post a color photo of the pet, a description, and your phone number on bulletin boards at pet stores, supermarkets, churches, schools, and other community bulletin boards.
  • Newspaper Classifieds. Use this traditional method of advertising, but results are generally not as good as using Vets offices and bulletin boards.
  • Local Publications. Also use whatever weekly advertising magazines are available in your area. They are generally more inexpensive than newspapers and allow you to elaborate in your ad.
  • Pet Rescue Organizations. Let local organizations know what you have available for adoption.

If you cannot find a home for your dog or cat, contact the shelter at 805-688-8224 or email kennelmanagersyvhumane@gmail.com for more information. Shelter staff will need as much information as possible about your pet to determine if we can accept your animal for our adoption program. The following forms will help us assess our ability to place your pet:

Cat Surrender Profile
Dog Surrender Profile